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Size and characteristics of the paper

The wallpaper will be provided pannellizata in vertical strips of 65 cm in width, with an overlap of 4 cm per side for easy application. On request it is possible to apply for the card without overlap. We see below an example of how the paper is divided in the wall.



  • The wallpaper has a thickness of 220gr / m² which makes it durable and easy to apply (does not require wetting).
  • LATEX is printed with HP technology at very high resolution.
  • Available in 3 different finishes, two embossed and smooth.
  • Fire classification EN 1350-1 Classification Oeko-Tex 100 standard-product class IV.
  • The choice of materials of the inks and paper are durable and environmentally friendly.
  • The glue is not provided in the order

BELOW THE PAPER TYPES AVAILABLE: smooth (Erfurt CA DV 662) and embossed (Erfurt CA 635 DV, DV Erfurt CA 615)



The phases card application are identical to those of any other card on the market, if you are not experienced, we recommend that you contact an experienced applicator. The phases of installation are the following:

1) Preparation of the wall :
Before you begin, make sure that the surface where it will be applied to the paper is completely dry and clean.

2) Gluing
We recommend using a sticker "non-woven" type Metylan secura in proportion in the proportions recommended by the manufacturer.
Apply the adhesive evenly over the surface of the wall, do join, one after the other, the strips of paper with the aid of a roller.

3) Alignment
Place the strips of paper on top of each other until they are perfectly aligned. The overlap of 4 cm allows to perfectly align the writing of the paper.

4) Cut
Cut the paper along the overlay, cut the excess paper on both sides, so as to match the graphics of the two bands.

5) Finish
remove air bubbles with a small roller or spatula, finally wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove any traces of glue.